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Fees for a HospitalMap system are broken down into 2 elements, first is a one-time fee for creating the system and then afterward the annual Software-as-a-Service fee for the web app which includes unlimited updates.

Element 1 - Creative Services and System Setup

Site Visit & Walkthrough and Aerial Photography
    • Produce 3D style Campus Map illustration
    • Produce multiple Floor Plan illustrations

We schedule dates for a site visit and aerial photography.  The purpose of the site visit is to become familiar with your particular hospital campus and collect the interior floor plan information during a walkthrough and take photos as needed, the site visit is conducted by a wayfinding expert who will work with your hospital’s team to identify and select what needs to be included on the maps and floor plans.  The floor plans and maps are intended for the public and as such will only show locations where the public can go to park, enter, check-in, register, visit, wait or receive services.  We typically do not include any non-public hallways or details within the emergency, surgery, and hospital support services areas.  We want to discourage patients and visitors from trying to go into secure areas or non-public accessible areas.  

The 3-D Campus Map Rendering will be based on current aerial photography. We use an aerial photographer & pilot who has photographed over 200 hospitals.  He is well experienced and aware of trauma hospitals that have emergency helicopters coming in and out.  He starts at a lower altitude and gains elevation as the plane circles the hospital taking photos from all angles of the hospital, emphasizing the main entrance area.   He typically takes 100+ images and one is selected to use as the basis for the 3D campus map rendering. Our hospital clients receive a copy of all of the photos taken to use as desired.

After the Site Visit and Aerial Photography are completed it takes about 2-4 weeks to produce the first proofs of the Campus Map and Floor Plan illustrations.  We’ll typically go through a second round of revisions and then once the illustrations are approved we move on to the System Setup.  

System Setup
    • Create and Configure a HospitalMap system
    • we add the Campus Map and Floor Plan illustrations
    • we add the Points, Point Data, Images, Links
    • we add Logos and apply styling matching your hospital’s Branding and Colors

Element 1 Creative Services + System Setup (as above) – One Time Fee = $15,000*
    • Create one 3D Campus Map and up to 10 floor plan illustrations
    • add $250 for each additional floor plan

*Special or discounted pricing is available for multiple campus orders, and for smaller hospital campuses or facilities, or 2D style.  

Once the System Setup is completed the HospitalMap system is ready to Go Live and the SaaS commences.

Element 2 - HospitalMap System SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) – Annual Subscription Fee = $3000
    • Includes Unlimited Updates to the Illustrations and Points online and to the corresponding pdf versions so no additional fees every time you want to make a change.
    • Unlike with our competitors our clients own the illustrations = we supply you with the original editable artwork which you can utilize and adapt for other purposes like signage or publications.
    • We endeavor to complete requested updates the same day or overnight.

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