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The Leading Interactive Campus Map & Interactive Floor Plans Solution for Hospitals.
Showcase your hospital's facilities and services with a HospitalMap system that provides users wayfinding directions around the hospital while at the same time engaging the user with related information about their destination.

New ! ADA Compliant Wayfinding Solution for your Hospital's Website
We now offer an ADA WCAG 2.0 AA and sec 508 compliant wayfinding solution for hospitals to add to their website providing a means for the visually impaired to find their destination at the hospital.
Check out Methodist San Antonio Hospital's HospitalMap system and their ADA version.

Improves Patient, Visitor and Staff Satisfaction
Supports your Hospital's MARCOMS
Reduces Missed Appointments
No App to Download

A better approach makes it easy to find your way
NO App to download - a HospitalMap system is pure browser based, designed to work across a spectrum of internet connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and yes desktop/laptop users too (oh yeah them).

HospitalMap systems are "Always On".  In seconds, a HospitalMap system user can browse or search to find their Destination, then the system "shows" the user where their destination is located on a floor plan by launching the Point info window (pointing to its spot) which provides the user with relevant information about the "Point-of-Interest"- such as the "wayfinding" directions, address, phone numbers, hours of operations, links (that activate buttons), an image or video, social media links - and more.

NEW! Introducing "Print-a-Point"
Now anyone can Print, or produce a pdf of a custom Floor Plan for of any Point-of-Interest.  Click “Print View” from any POI Information Window and you are taken to a “Print View” page that is preformatted Letter Size 8-1/2” x 11” - everything fits: Map/Floorplan Name, POI Name, Description, Image (if any), the Hospital’s logo, and a full-size floor plan illustration showing the POI location – and that is legible when printed!  TRY IT

Reduce Missed Appointments
Attach a Print-a-Point pdf version link to your hospital's email appointment notifications sent to your patients so they know where to go and how to get there in advance.


Enhance your users experience by allowing them to quickly locate their destination at the Hospital from their computer, tablet or mobile device via their web browser with no app to download or software to install.
Find where you want to go fast and easy - just select a POI from the Interactive Directory listings or from a Keyword Search result, and then the system displays your selection's corresponding POI Icon and POI Info Window on the appropriate Map or Floor Plan.
More than just location - each POI Info Window can display an image video or audio and text Description, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Hours, Links to external URLs and social media, and not least Wayfinding Directions and Instructions.

Wayfinding Solutions for Hospitals

Question: What is the best way to find your way to your destination at and around the Hospital?

  1. ask someone for directions (who may not know)
  2. interrupt hospital staff - (this happens over and over)
  3. refer to signage that may not show or point to where you specifically need to-go
  4. walk around and search for a map display or directory, that may not exist
  5. find the information counter, ask for directions, and forget the instructions half-way to your destination
  6. use the HospitalMap system to guide you to and locate your destination - fast and easy!

Answer: number 6, a HospitalMap system provides the best way to find your way around your hospital
Our team of experienced artists design custom Campus Map and Floor Plan illustrations that strike a balance between function and a great look.  We work together with our hospital clients to customize the design of their maps and floor plans so that only designated public access areas and locations (POIs) are displayed,

Already have your own Hospital Map and/or Hospital Floor Plan Illustrations?  Great! We can convert your existing maps and-or floor plans and make them interactive with the HospitalMap system too.

Your Hospital and your website are unique - so is each HospitalMap System.  We go beyond just adding a logo to the user interface, we take the same approach to branding, styling and colors that are used for the map and floor plan illustrations and apply them to the User Interface elements so that each client's system user interface & maps stand out and work as intended

How are your Patients and Visitors finding their way to their point of service at your hospital?

If you have a HospitalMap system available from your hospital's web site then depending on the size of your hospital or medical center you can expect 1,500 to 4,000 user sessions per month.

If you don't have a HospitalMaps system then these 1,500 to  4,000+ Patients & Visitors (per month) will have to find their way another way.

Make it easy with a HospitalMap System


Things change at the hospital all the time - departments and places are renamed, relocated, created or removed so we make it easy for our clients to take control of their systems so maps. floor plans and points-of-interest content, images or media can be edited & updated online in real-time simply by login on to their HospitalMap system to make changes instantly.


No other online interactive solution comes close to providing a return like a HospitalMap system does for an affordable monthly fee.

  • Improves Patient Engagement
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduces staff interruptions
  • Lowers the frequency of missed appointments

Take the next step and contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help your hospital's patients, visitors and staff.

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